At ExoLytic we know how important it is to have knowledgeable and efficient employees. That’s why we developed a full suite of learning and development programs to complement our consulting solutions. We have a comprehensive series of highly rated instructor-led training programs and a variety of quality-based consulting services.

ExoLytic associates are highly experienced consultants and trainers. Our training is intense, interactive, and designed for people with the responsibility to get things done better, faster, and cheaper. We'll challenge your assumptions, raise real organizational issues, and teach you to incorporate new knowledge and practice new skills.

Public Training is scheduled and held in our training facility, reducing the distractions a workplace environment may bring. This is a convenient, high value option that’s suitable to build individual capability for a small number of participants. 

In-House Training is designed to the needs of the organization to develop skills that enhance their team’s performance and productivity. The training is on-site which allows your team to implement the skills covered by the course directly to your organization’s circumstances.

Training Needs Analysis  identifies areas which are in need of further training within the organization, including employee development. Through analysis we will be able to determine if training is needed, and, if so, what training specifically will enhance the performance of the organization or individuals.

Webinars are attended through video conferencing software. This efficient form of training offers real-time discussion and learning to best fit the organization’s schedule and location.

ExoLytic provides cost-effective training solutions for small to large organizations. We can customize sessions to suit your particular needs. Our instructors are qualified leaders in their field, and ensure that all course content builds on the industry’s best practices.

ExoLytic's training is the delivery of opportunities and experiences that will help attendees learn specific skills and knowledge that applies to a company. Our training courses provide tools necessary to improve quality, reduce costs, increase profitability and empower and engage employees in your organization.